“Master output volume control”
We are a company originating in Barcelona, which manufactures sound hardware, specifically headphones for music production and deejaying.We are new to the market, we have hardly any history, but we have the support of several artists of underground genres such as Steve Lean, Conducta, Boi-1da or Jarreau Vandal among others.
We offer very good quality headphones, resistant and with an impressive vitality at a fairly reasonable price so it is, compared to the market competitions, which raise the price quite significantly compared to the cost of production and the quality of materials.
They have a production cost of approx. 80 euros deved to the quality of the materials and the manufacture when creating the headphones, therefore these would go about 150€ - 200€. Our products are always accompanied by a mini cleaning kit, protective case and different jack input adapters.

Branding, Packaging and Campaign
Project in collaboration with Amador Saiz and Kuadra TV

08930, Sant Adrià de Besòs