The love for the creative world through audiovisual and design in all areas.

When I think of graphic design, two things often come to mind. The history of it and institutions such as the Bauhaus and the Swiss School in countries such as Germany, Holland or the United Kingdom. These countries and institutions are my main benchmarks, both for my real projects and for my career. In the German field, I took the main reference, in addition to the Bauhaus, of creatives such as Lucas Hesse and creative agencies such as Basics09 and Bureau Borche. On the other hand, I would like to explore, expand my referents and most importantly, to be able to contribute my vision.

In September 2022, I landed in Mannheim (Baden-Württemberg), to do an extraordinary Erasmus at the Hochschule Mannheim. Then I got my first job in Bundesland. My current position is that of ux/ui designer, graphic designer and art director. My points of interest are branding, communication, typography, animation in design, prototyping and editorial design, among others.

After a stay in Germany, I return home with the idea of being able to contribute professionally my experience.
I consider myself to be flexible, motivated, responsible and positive. I am open, friendly and attentive when dealing with customers. I have a great interest in giving more value to projects, researching and deepening, for which my way of working is 60% research - 40% execution. Capacity to work as a team, educated and above all able to learn very quickly. Always motivated and with a positive mindset.


Fakultät Für Gestaltung, Hochschule Mannheim (2022-2023, Mannheim, Germany)

Interactive Graphic Design UX/UI, Art i Disseny Terrassa (2021–2022, Terrassa, Barcelona)

Graphic Design for Advertisment, CIC-Elisava (2018-2021, Barcelona)
Assistance to the interactive graphic product, ESDA Llotja (2015-2017, Barcelona)


GRAPHIC DESIGNER & UX/UI, Berger Studios (Weinheim, Germany, 2023)

GRAPHIC DESIGNER, Lamp (Terrassa, 2022)

GRAPHIC DESIGNER & UX/UI, Maneko (Barcelona, 2021)

08930, Sant Adrià de Besòs